SILENTIUM - Closed circuit diving apparatus


The SILENTIUM is a closed circuit underwater breathing apparatus for depths upto 40 meters. It has been designed for special operations diving.


General properties

  • Modular System
  • Closed circuit diving apparatus
  • Demand regulator
  • Front mounted
  • All components well protected in a MOLLE housing


Technical data

Principal of operation: Close circuit with lung demand valve
                                    Closed circuit electronically controlled

Diving depth: 0 to 8 msw with pure oxygen
                      8 to 40 msw with oxygen and diluent gas

Diving duration: 240 minutes

Dimension: 49 x 34 x 18 cm

Weight: 14,5 kg (ready to dive)

Sodalime capacity: 2,2 kg

Counterlung capacity: 4,8 l

Oxygen cylinder capacity: 1,5 l

Diluent cylinder capacity: 0,5 l



  • Transport case
  • Predive test unit
  • Comfort Harness
    with/without harness for DPV use
    with/without buoyancy compensator
  • Flexible fastening system
  • Spare parts sets